Tango Culture Plattform Hamburg 2022

New Plattform for the Tango Culture in Hamburg

Tango culture creators in Hamburg have joined forces to relaunch the online portal for tango culture in Hamburg.

For many years tangokalender-hamburg.de has been publishing the tango culture dates of the city. However, the old site was getting on in years. In a common layout with the printed Hamburg TangoMap, the Tango Culture Portal for Hamburg was to be redesigned. On the one hand, analogous to the printed map, the richness and diversity of Hamburg’s tango culture scene should be shown and the desire to dive into this scene should be evoked. In addition, an up-to-date calendar of events should be set up, in which the cultural workers can enter their dates themselves. Further more a blog about the activities of the regional group Hamburg of proTango e.V. was to be established.

Under the coordination of Oliver Quick, funding was obtained from DISTANZEN Neustart-Kultur. Almost all of Hamburg’s tango artists were brought together. As with the TangoMap, the Hamburg-based media production agency int.act was responsible for the graphic design and technical implementation. The new tango culture portal for Hamburg was launched on 13.12.2022.

We are happy to enrich the Hamburg tango culture scene with this joint plattform.

Titelimage: Matute Photography and int.act medienproduktion

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