Hamburg Tangomap 2022

Joint tango culture map and new tango calendar for Hamburg

The tango culture creators in Hamburg have joined forces to create a common promotion for tango culture in Hamburg.

The idea was to design a tango map that shows the richness and diversity of Hamburg’s tango culture scene and makes you want to get involved. This advertisement is intended to appeal especially to people who have not yet danced tango. The aim is to inspire them for tango and to give them an overview of the diverse tango offers in Hamburg.

The plan is to distribute this tango map mainly at public events. For example, it is a perfect promotional tool for the Blitz Summer Flashmobs of the Hamburg Regional Group, which aim to increase the visibility of Tango Argentino in the public. This map gives interested viewers an overview and insight into the great diversity of Hamburg’s tango culture scene.

The large DIN-A2 map (folded DIN-A5) shows 46 tango cultural creators from all over Hamburg with their own advertising and markers on the map. The map not only shows the approximate location of the activities of the tango culture creators but also impressively demonstrates that tango culture can be found in almost all areas of Hamburg.

Under the coordination of Oliver Quick, funding was obtained from DISTANZEN Neustart-Kultur. Almost all of Hamburg’s tango artists were brought together. The design and production were handled by the Hamburg-based media production agency int.act. The TangoMap could be produced within 8 weeks.

We are happy to enrich the Hamburg tango culture scene with this joint promotion.


The tango map can be downloaded as a PDF here:

>>> Download Tangomap as PDF <<<

The digital tango calendar will also be revised in the next few weeks. We hope that he will be able to start again in the autumn.

Fotos: Oliver Quick

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