Workshop with Antonella Terrazas in TANGOMATRIX

  –  15:00 bis 16:30 Uhr  [ zurück ... ]

Visiting Hamburg again!

With pleasure I will held Followers technique this time too,
looking forward to see all of you soon.
Leaders always welcome!
Technique is same for both roles

From 15:00h to 16:30h

14th May 2023 in Tangomatrix

-Basic knowledge about body awareness
Right position for the legs during the step for a better stability, free leg transitions to close and open, how do we empower our steps using high heels and hips.
-Difference between styles and technique.
-How and when to embellish, being present involving my dance partner.

-Please bring comfortable clothes to the class to workout
-Don’t bring long skirt or dress, I need to see your legs!
-Bring practise shoes/socks and high heels
( we will start on practise shoes/socks)
-Arrive at least 10 min before the class to be ready
-Phones off during the class
-Video is possible only at the end of the class


25 euro

-Cash on spot

*************Please register before May 14   ************

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Antonella has a strong ballet and contemporary background, she is a choreographer and a certificated yoga teacher.
She worked several times in national festivals as a director of choreography, taking care of around 700 hundred artists in scenes from different disciplines for a 30,000 audience.
In 2012 she moved to Europe and started teaching Tango in Salone Margherita School.(Napoli)
From 2014 she started working as dance partner with Sebastian Arce, then in 2015 she moved to Moscow to teach regularly in his Academy, holding classes for advanced levels, professional couples, training for competitions and she was teacher for the ladies Tango Arce Academy.
Since 2015 she is one of the maestros of , the online tango school with high tango
education where you find classes from few of the best maestros in the world.
She has worked with other partners too in Festivals and workshops all over Europe and Russia like Fernando Galera, Santiago Castro, Csongor Kicsi the European Champion and Maximiliano Cristiani the World Champion.

In 2017 She opened her own school “Tango House” in Budapest,Hungary.
Now the school is working only online.
She is also the artist Director in Napoli at the school of Salone
Margherita, where she held regular classes for Intermediate/advanced couples.
From 2020 she is working with online live classes and since then she has a regular online school.

Recently she has opened “Tango House Skopje” in North Macedonia where she is sharing her teaching method with local teachers.